Queensland Private Certifier - Face to Face 1 Day

To become a building certifier in Queensland, individuals must obtain a licence from QBCC. To apply for a licence individuals must first complete an approved tertiary qualification, complete the relevant professional experience, obtain accreditation from the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) or from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and apply for a licence from QBCC

A person can apply for either a private certification endorsement (Class B) or for a development approval endorsement (class A).

•A private certifier - class A is a private certifier whose licence has the development approval endorsement (section 48 of the Building Act 1975).
•A private certifier - class B is a private certifier whose licence does not have development approval endorsement (section 49 of the Building Act 1975).

A private building certifier may apply for development approval endorsement if they have satisfactorily completed the course prescribed under the Regulation (s84(4)) about issuing building development approvals (s163(2) of the Act).

The course is presented in a blended learning mode which involves a combination of asynchronous online learning with real time facilitated learning.

The course is divided into three parts:
1.Part 1 - Online component
2.Part 2 - Real time component via 2 x three (3) hour webinar sessions
3.Part 3 - Major Assessment

Learning Objectives
The following learning objectives will be achieved:

On completion of the course you will have increased knowledge and skills in a range of elements and scenarios across :-

In planning to perform the building certification function. You will be able to:
-understand and apply the Code of Conduct for Building Certifiers
-determine the statutory requirements to perform certification functions
-determine any possible conflict of interest in accepting certification functions

In receiving and accessing an application. You will be able to:
-receive an application according to legislative requirements
-verify that the application is assessable
-determine compliance with preliminary approvals
-determine any development information likely to affect the assessment of the application
-seek local government advice as required
-assess the need for a certificate of compliance from a competent person
-verify site characteristics
-verify all necessary permits and all pre-approved requirements are satisfied
-decide on the application and issue a decision notice.

In determining whether other approvals are required. You will be able to:
-verify that the proposed work is consistent with a current planning approval
-verify that the proposed work does not require planning approval
-implement referral procedures as required
-identify any other applicable laws
-demonstrate an understanding of inspection requirements after approval of the building development application and during construction.

In undertaking enforcement. You will be able to:
-understand and undertake enforcement where an offence has occurred in respect of approved work.
-ensure other obligations are satisfied.
-notify relevant parties of non-compliance with an enforcement notice.

Achieve an understanding of relevant legislation, including but not limited to:-
-The Code of Conduct for Building Certifiers under the Building Act 1975
-Building Act 1975
-Building Regulation 2021
-Planning Act 2016
-Planning Regulation 2017
-QBCC Act 1991
-QBBC Regulation 2018

Prior to enrolling, intending course participants must demonstrate that they:

- have access to a suitable location to undertake the workplace assessment tasks stipulated in the course; and
- hold a prescribed qualification (accredited University Degree) for licensing as a Building Certifier;
- hold the equivalent experience to be licenced if the licence was obtained prior to the requirement of a prescribed qualification coming into effect.

Delivery Mode
This course is delivered using a blended learning model which involves a combination of online learning followed by real time learning in the form of a 6 hour face to face training session.

Delivery Method

a. Completion of all online components prior to attending to the face to face session

b. Attend 6 hour real-time face to face training sessions at a venue to be confirmed around the Brisbane airport precinct. (Please note, you are required to complete the online component prior to attending the Face to Face session)

c. Completion of a take home workplace scenario-based assessment task. You have up to 30 days after the face to face session in which to complete this task.

All participants are to complete the learning in the above sequence and all online elements are to be completed prior to attendance at the real-time webinar sessions.

Qualification Issued
On completion of the course you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.

Certificate Validity
Participants who successfully complete and show competency in all units will be issued with a Certificate of Completion. This must be presented to the QBCC to demonstrate successful completion of the course, for one of the following reasons:
•to support a private building certifier's application for a development approval endorsement under their licence; or
•to comply with a direction by the QBCC as part of a decision made under section 204 of the Building Act 1975.

Course TitleInfoTraining BeginsPrice
(ex GST)
Queensland Private Building Certifiers Course - Option 1 Face to Face TrainingFri, 30 Jun 2023
9:00am - 5:00pm
Queensland Private Building Certifiers Course - Option 1 Face to Face TrainingMon, 3 Jun 2024
8:30am - 4:30pm