C5229 - Interpreting AS 1926.1 - Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools - (1CPD)

This course covers the skills and knowledge required to assess a swimming pool barrier under the provisions of NCC (BCA) and AS 1926.1 -2012 - Swimming Pool Safety - Safety Barrier for Swimming Pools. The course provides a detailed insight into what needs to be considered
when evaluating and inspecting a swimming pool barrier.

Offering more than just information, this is an interactive on-line course that is presented by video and includes practical scenarios detailing the challenges that are typical of those found in the daily inspection of swimming pool barriers. All participants are required to complete an
on-line assessment task before being awarded their certificate of completion.

Learning Objectives
What you'll learn
By the end of this course you should be able to:
1. Identify and interpret the relevant requirements of the NCC (BCA) and AS 1926.1 - 2012 relevant to swimming pool barriers in a way that is consistent with industry
2. Identify common non-compliances associated with swimming pool barriers and develop possible solutions
3. Interpret the definition and requirements for Non-Climbable Zones (NCZ's) and apply them in a way that is consistent with industry and government expectations.
4. Identify the requirements for objects (including pool filters), steps, retaining walls, level changes and like located adjacent to the swimming pool barrier
5. Identify the requirements for gates and latching devices

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