CPC60121 - Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying

The Advanced Diploma is offered as 22 Units of Competency that cover the mandatory 19 core and 3 elective units from the CPC - Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package.

This qualification reflects the role of Building Surveyors or Certifiers who apply knowledge of compliance requirements and construction methods and materials to the implementation of statutory building surveying requirements or to the provision of advisory building surveying services.

The scope of work undertaken by Building Surveyors varies across jurisdictions and can include:
•providing code-consulting advice to clients on the compliance requirements for proposed building developments
•processing planning and building applications
•conducting mandatory construction inspections
•auditing buildings and following up on areas of non-compliance
•issuing certificates of occupancy.

Building Surveyors require an understanding of relevant compliance requirements as well as of traditional, new and emerging construction methods and materials. They make a significant contribution to the development and construction of the built environment, often working in collaboration with specialist consultants to assess and verify that proposed and actual building works are compliant and to ensure the safety of building occupants.

Building Surveyors work in a highly regulated environment and must carry out their role ethically and according to legislative and regulatory requirements. Across the program you cover legislation, underpinning theory, and practical surveying skills for both residential and commercial buildings.

The Unit of Competency clustering has been separated into two parts being: Skill Set (CPCSS00005) for Residential Buildings up to three Storeys (9 units of competency) and Commercial and elective units that make up the remainder of the Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying.

Learning Objectives
The learning objectives are detailed in the Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package

The Training Package does not list any required prerequisites. That said, it is advantageous to be working in a Building Surveying firm or the Council Department that is responsible for the assessment of building applications and compliance.

The Training Package requires you to demonstrate the ability to inspect and audit all classes of buildings at various stages during and post construction. You will need to make your own arrangements for the inspection of all classes of building during and post construction. We will provide details of what you need to inspect, and how to inspect the critical stages, but cannot arrange access to buildings for this inspection. Please also note, that it is generally a requirement that all those who enter a building site have had some form of training or have received appropriate authority. For example, in NSW, one must hold a white card (or general construction induction card) before entering a building site. The responsibility to obtain the relevant training and authority is on you. The College of Professional Development cannot accept any responsibility for your actions or those of another when entering a building site, and it is recommended that you seek advice in relation to insurance in this regard.

Delivery Mode
The course is delivered on-line and is self-paced. While this does offer some flexibility, it is expected that you complete the course in a timely manner as prescribed in your training activity plan. Failure to achieve prescribed milestones could lead to withdrawal from the course

As part of the course, you will be required to inspect buildings under construction, and to audit existing buildings. While we try and make every effort to assist you with this, the onus to arrange any such inspections and audits will be on you.

It generally takes most approximately 2 years to complete the Advanced Diploma, however we do allow 3 years from enrolment if needed (subject to the Training Package still being current and recognised by ASQA).

The learning resources and assessment tasks were developed by current, practising Building Surveyors, and therefore reflect real case Building Surveying functions from a practical perspective.

Those who are fortunate enough to be working in the industry are offered the opportunity to use real-case scenarios to demonstrate their competency, which in turn offers the opportunity to learn workplace practice, while adding value to their employer.

Non-compulsory webinar and face-to-face tutorials are also offered, and any student who is having difficulties are offered the opportunity to arrange a private one on one tutorial with their trainer as required.
Assessments are designed to have a workplace focus but some of the assessment tasks will need to be completed in your own time. This commitment will be different for each person.

Feedback is provided through discussion with your assessor, written comments, and marks. There are opportunities to resubmit additional assessments or evidence if there are gaps in the submitted work. We support you through this process.

Your previous experience and education will be considered through a formal recognition process. We will be working with you to identify what you have learned at work, from other trade or related courses and from life experience.

Qualification Issued
CPC60121 - Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying

Certificate Validity
On completing the CPC60121 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying, graduates are qualified and recognised as having the skills and knowledge to fulfil the following roles:
- Building Inspector
- Building Surveyor
- Building Certifier
- Building Regulation Consultant

The Advanced Diploma in Building Surveying - CPCPCC60121 - is a nationally recognised course.

The Advanced Diploma in Building Surveying as offered by the College of Professional Development (CPD Training) is recognised by the:
•NSW Fair Trading under the provisions of the Building and Development
Certifiers Act 2018 as one of the required qualifications for Registration as a
Building Surveyor Limited (formerly A2), Building Surveyor limited Class 1 &
10 (formerly A3) and Building Inspector (formerly A4)
•Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
under the provisions of the Building Services Registration Act 2011
•Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Under the provisions of the Building Act
•Plan South Australia under the provisions of the Planning, Development and
Infrastructure (General) (Development Assessment) Variation Regulations
•Consumer, Building and Occupational Services - Tasmanian government for
building surveys licence under the provisions of the Building Act 2016.

The qualification is also recognised by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors and RICS Accreditation Scheme. Subsequently, it is therefore recognised by the:
- QBCC (via AIBS or RICS accreditation scheme)
- NT and the ACT (via AIBS or RICS accreditation scheme)

It is recommended that you take this information as advice only, and that you contact the relevant accrediting, licensing or registration body for the detailed requirements of accreditation.

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